Tuesday, November 11, 2014

English Lessons for Politicians part 1

No Carrie, you've got it wrong.  When two sides exchange opinions as equals, that's called dialogue.  When one side dominates the conversation, that's called monologue.  It's when you dictate the terms of the conversation that "there is no room for dialogue".  But you're not listening, are you?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Whose Police?

Just outside the market building in Taipo, a big banner exhorts those reading it to "Support Our Police".  It appears from the two-hands logo in the corner to have been erected by the objectionable Robert Chow's Alliance for Sleaze and Hypocrisy.  And there lies the problem: if they are "our" police, who are we?  Any police force that Robert Chow (still claiming to speak for the mythical Silent Majority despite opinion polls showing support for the government shrinking to well below 50%) claims proprietorial rights over is certainly not my police force.

The Hong Kong government is trying to frame a political problem as a law and order problem, which means the police are being forced into a political role - defending an unpopular, unelected and unrepresentative government - that should not be their job.  And the recent attack on TVB and RTHK journalists by the "Support Our Police" blue-ribbon mob suggests they don't have much idea what the police should really be doing - keeping the peace.  A peace that is mostly being disturbed by those claiming to support the police.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Has someone poisoned Hemlock?

Last night and this morning I tried to post comments on Hemlock's must-read "Big Lychee" blog, only to receiuve the following message each time:

What I was going to say today, after CY Leung's latest nonsensical outburst,  is "Can someone buy CY a wheelchair as a retirement gift?  He must have run out of feet to shoot himself in by now."  That seems a useful enough suggestion to me.

Either Wordpress suddenly dislikes me, or there's something funny going on.  The odd thing is that comments from others seem to be getting through OK.  Any ideas?

Anyway, do read Hemlock's posts for the last two days.  He has a real talent for cutting through the Hong Kong government's crap and skewering their stupidity with incisive reasoning.