Monday, September 29, 2008

Poor Guys in Space

China's latest space mission fulfilled all its objectives, but at a cost - the new Chinese-made space suit alone cost over US$4 million. Still, China is clearly up there with the big guys now, which is exactly what its leaders want.

Want to bet that next time it's engaged in world trade negotiations, China will still claim to be a poor backward Third World country in need of trade concessions to help it catch up? Hmmm.


fumier said...

Goodness, for US$4m they could have built some schools in Szechuan which didn't collapse like a house of cards.

Private Beach said...

Or even put real milk in their dairy products.

Troika said...

I like the lists of 'firsts' and 'bests' and 'biggest' in the linked article.

It reminds of the Lantau Buddha. When it was first built it was the "largest outdoor Buddha", then the "largest outdoor seated Buddha" then the "largest outdoor seated bronze buddha".

Now I think it's just the biggest Buddha in Lantau, but can still no doubt be seen from space.