Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spammers Wanted

Does this ad in Hong Kong Craigslist irritate you as much as it does me?
Posting on HK forums and blogs (HK)

We need a writer to post in HK Chinese and English to all the main HK forums and in multiple HK blogs as well.
You will be required to create new threads on forums and also reply to existing threads. The posting need to be from different accounts and should not sound like advertising to avoid the post being deleted.

We need 100 posts done in 7 days to start then it will be an ongoing job.

In other words, we want you to post a load of spam disguised as genuine contributions. I think you can guess my thoughts on this sneaky approach.


Troika said...

I can't find the ad - can you post the link so that we can inundate them with our own spam?

hkorbust said...

Interesting comment! By the way, have you checked out this great website: www.hkorbust.blogspot.com?

Yup. That's annoying.

fumier said...

Thnaks for the warning. I shall be on the lookout for people posting suspiciously intelligent comments.

Private Beach said...

T - it's under Writing/Editing jobs.

H - ha very ha! Yes, I have checked out your blog actually.

You mean other than mine, Fumie?

gweipo said...

I think there is someone out there, but they're not very good at disguising it... usually easy to weed out.

sungaigweilo said...

So, apply. See what it is all about.

A bit of subversion.

Go for it