Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Love Too Far

So let me see: I have to Love Hong Kong - no problem, but becoming increasingly difficult as more and more of the Hong Kong I love is under threat or disappearing.  Love China - hmmm, let's see.  It's not my motherland, but I do appreciate the great architecture, art, food and magnificent scenery.  Not so fond of the repressive government, environmental degradation, adulterated milk, secret prisons, corruption, and censorship.  I find it easier to Love Democracy ("the love that dare not speak its name" as far as the Chinese government is concerned).

Now it seems I have to Respect and love the elders as well.  Isn't this taking the whole love thing a bit too far?  I hope I treat everyone with the respect they deserve, but do I really have to share my limited supply of love with every cantankerous old wrinkly in Hong Kong?


nulle said...

you might want to change the world milk to food (as in adulterated food) given all the poisonsous foods from china from rice noodles, to soy sauce, to thousand year old eggs to fake beef. need I say more.

I personally think people in HK are too cowardly to fight for their freedom, therefore likely to not deserve it.

Private Beach said...

I assume "world" there is a typo for "word". Yes, the milk is just one example of a disturbing pattern - Nury Vittachi's blog reported on a recent case where 46-year-old chicken feet were found still sitting in a frozen goods warehouse somewhere in China!