Tuesday, June 10, 2014

These Are Not The Dr.Roids You're Looking For

I've seen many odd "English" names in Hong Kong - including Puffer and Whisker - but this is a new one on me.  Given that most people adopt an English label while at school, it doesn't say much for the standard of English teaching here that no one tells the students when a name they choose is too weird to use.  Given this, it's perhaps not surprising that the SCM Post reports on this sign in Victoria Park:
However, I rather like the comment from one person interviewed by the Post that the mistake doesn't matter much because "few people pay attention to the warning signs anyway".  Now there's the true Hong Kong spirit!.


Troika said...

Funny how the SCuMP never draws attention to its own gaffes, such as their "Obama Bin Laden Dead" headline.

Would't want that lot writing park signs, that's for sure.

ulaca said...

Quite why you can't feed your girlfriend in the park is beyond me. Meddlers!