Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No Park and not much Science

Another one of those "huh?" headlines from today's South China Morning Post website:
"Sino, Nan Fung buy third Tai Po site for HK$4.55b
Plans for a luxury residential enclave in Tai Po Science Park took a further step yesterday after a consortium led by Sino Land and Nan Fung Development acquired a third site in the area for HK$4.55 billion"

The Science Park is supposed to be a special industrial estate for high-tech businesses. What the hell's a luxury residential area doing there? As I've already pointed out, it's not a park; now it seems the other half of its name is misleading as well.

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962 said...

my question was actually the reverse, if you can make that much money from the land whats offices doing on the site, you cant substantiate the cost.