Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where have all the bloggers gone?

What's happening to all the Hong Kong bloggers lately? Fumier has shut up shop, and now, as I learn from Spike (who's still writing), 962 has done the same (both their sites being immediately grabbed by usurpers, though the new 962 seems to have disappeared as well). Sash surprised herself by falling in love, and no longer tells us all the fascinating details of her sex life (though anyone who appreciates high quality erotica can still enjoy her old posts). And another blog that shall be nameless seems to have disappeared as well.

I hesitate to shout "I'm still here!" in case I also get afflicted by the Curse of the Vanishing Local Blogger, but...

1 comment:

962 said...

My reason for closing was to ensure that my more politically suggestive blogs were not seen by my current employer as a reason to terminate me from my lowly paid existance.
In future I will blog from home thus traceability will be reduced, however I havent been able to sort out my old blog and delete it which is a bummer, but not an unusyual one.

I will of course leave you a new link when it is all up and running.