Thursday, March 04, 2010

On the Other Foot

Every so often one hears of the death of someone who has been so long out of the public eye that one has assumed them to be dead already. So it is with the passing at age 96 of Michael Foot, former leader of the British (Old) Labour Party, and best remembered for his unfortunate loss of the 1983 election to the execrable Margaret Thatcher.
"He was as far removed from the techniques of modern politics as you could possibly imagine."
--Tony Blair

Could there possibly be higher praise than that?


Andrew said...

Good grief - I too thought that he of the the donkey jacket had been cast aside and committed to the ground many moons ago. He always struck me as an amiable old buffer and quite incapable of starting a revolution. And so it was. Poor old Footie.

LottieP said...

Tony's not fit to lick Michael's Foot.