Friday, September 10, 2010

You know you're getting old when...

... you walk along Lockhart Road in Wanchai and the bargirls hanging around in front of the nightclubs, who used to be half your age, are now one third of it.

But I had another reminder the other day that I'm not getting any younger. Receiving HK Magazine's latest email, I saw that they were offering valuable prizes for those completing their annual "Readers' Choice Awards" survey. OK, I thought, the prizes seem quite attractive - let's have a go.
  • Best brunch - Cafe Deco on Sundays. Easy so far.
  • Best dim sum - hmmm, I don't often go for dim sum, and then only where the wife's family decides to go.
I would have thought of somewhere, I suppose, but then it got harder:
  • Best new restaurant; Best new coffee shop - I can't think of the last time I went to a new eating place (as opposed to visiting an old one for the first time). Anyway, restaurants, like jeans, are more comfortable when they've been worn for a while.
  • Best new dining trend - I have absolutely no idea.
  • Best place to take a date - nowhere if I don't want my wife to kill me.
  • Best restaurant to blow your expense account on - since I don't have one, I can't afford to eat at that kind of restaurant anyway, so how would I know?
  • Best new club - I think it's about 20 years since I last went clubbing.
  • Bets new bar - does the King's Belly in Taipo count? Actually it's not new, just a new name for After 5 when it changed ownership. My favourite bars/pubs in Hong Kong don't even exist any more - the original Mad Dogs in Wyndham Street, and the Frog & Toad out on Lantau. These days if I do go out for a drink, it's usually to Delaney's.
  • Best local DJ -I don't think I can even name a local DJ except Ray Cordeiro, and somehow I don't think he's the type they have in mind.
  • Best clothing store - does the Ten Dollar T-Shirt outlet in Causeway Bay count? Being tall, I tend to stock up on clothes when I visit Europe or Canada - most of the stuff here doesn't fit me (shoes too).
  • Favorite fashion brand (note the American spelling) - whatever fits me and doesn't cost too much.
  • Best gym - haven't been to one for years - or to a yoga studio ever.
  • Best spa - the one my wife takes me to, I guess -I can't remember the name.
  • Best new mobile phone - if it existed, would be one with a large enough screen to actually let me read it; failing that, anything that makes and receives calls.
And so on - you get the picture. They do eventually get to some questions I could answer:
  • Best beach - I'm not telling you because I like the fact that it's usually deserted. Ditto for Best Hong Kong hideaway, but by now I'd given up.
So, I conclude that I am either:
  • An out-of-touch old fogey who's totally clueless about all the important trends around town; or
  • A mature individual who's grown out of his juvenile fascination with trendiness and the pursuit of novelty for its own sake.
And you?


ulaca said...

No, PB, you know you're getting old when the bargirls don't approach you any more. Ask foamie.

Private Beach said...

I think they assess your income as well as your age!

Foamier said...

That would rule Ulie on two counts, then.