Friday, September 03, 2010

Catherine's Cancer Karma

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has recently declared in interviews that she is furious with her husband Michael Douglas's doctors for not detecting his throat cancer earlier. And well she may be, but perhaps she should be turning her fury in a different direction. Zeta-Jones has often been quoted as a vocal advocate of the so-called right to smoke - and has even been reported to travel by private plane so that she and her husband can smoke during their journeys.

It is well known that smoking is the most common cause of throat cancer. If you spend your time defending and indulging in dangerous behaviour, perhaps you should look in the mirror when it comes back to bite you - or your loved ones - in the throat.

P.S To be fair to the Douglases, after posting this I read that they have been trying to quit smoking in recent years - with what degree of success, I have no idea. Anyway, this is not meant to be a personal attack - I have enjoyed both their movies over the years, and wish Michael a speedy recovery.


Foamier said...

You "enjoyed both their movies" ... have they only made two then? Did they make one each?

Private Beach said...

Shorthand for "the movies of both of them" - as I'm sure you know. English is an ambiguous language. Nor am I implying that I enjoyed every single movie they've ever made.

By the way, the post of mine that attracted the most comments was about Sharon Stone. As she famously co-starred with Michael Douglas in the scene where she - well, you know - I wonder if I can increase my readership by using his illness as an excuse to mention her again?

Troika said...

I bet they've both managed to quit smoking now.

Private Beach said...

Not necessarily - tobacco is so powerfully addictive that even many people who are dying from its effects (my father among them) are unable to give it up even on their deathbed. Former junkies who've successfully kicked heroin often still find they cannot give up cigarettes. Talk to hospital staff, and you'll hear stories of patients in intensive care with terminal lung disease who still try to sneak in cigarettes. Better not to start.