Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fleet Street and Sour

The Guardian newspaper in Britain is so notorious for its frequent typos that Private Eye long ago dubbed it The Grauniad. Just now I Googled "Matt Driscoll" (a British sports journalist) after reading about him in a BBC story. Driscoll challenged his harassment and sacking by Rupert Murdoch's now defunct News of the World newspaper after he fell ill, and won a court settlement of £792,736 - good for him!

But that's not the point of this story - what is, is the extract turned up by Google from the Guardian blog: "Matt Driscoll is now being taken [by Britain's Leveson inquiry into press ethics] through his 10 year stint at the NoW chronologically. He worked under sour editors - Phil Hall, then Rebekah Wade, ..." Well, it's hardly surprising they're sour after the revelations about the paper's shameful behaviour under some of them which led to its closure.


Charles said...

That's a bit unfair. Even the Guardian has abandoned hot metal and what goes to print is clean.

Most of the typos came in at the composition stage and getting them out cost thousands, which is why they were printed as such.

Private Beach said...

I wasn't being harsh on the good old Grauniad, which is my paper of choice when I'm in the UK. And as a writer myself, I'm well aware that spelling checkers are not perfect - especially when the offending word, as in this case, is a legitimate but incorrect one. But aren't sub-editors supposed to catch these errors? Anyway, they often provide a bit of fun in the form of unintended alternate meanings.