Monday, September 23, 2013

Twitchers' Delight

While many local people were disappointed that the rapid - and less violent than predicted - passage of Super Typhoon Usagi did not give them a "typhoon holiday" today, Hong Kong's birdwatchers were delighted to have the rare opportunity to observe the yellow stormwatcher, one of the territory's most reclusive species.

With its distinctive plumage of bright yellow anorak and safety helmet, the yellow stormwatcher only emerges from its nest during typhoons.  Its natural habitat appears to be the Star Ferry concourse in Tsimshatsui, where it seems to be particularly intrigued by the sight of intrepid tourists foolish enough to venture out being buffeted by the wind.  However, little is known about the hiding place and habits of this species at non-typhoon times, and ornithologists agree that much more research is needed into this mysterious example of local wildlife.


Anonymous said...

Love the "I'm about to be blown away" pose, while a bunch of people stand around casually in the background, as if it's a completely normal, rainy day. :-)

Private Beach said...

Seeing some of the shots on the news later, I should have said foolhardy, rather than intrepid, tourists (and some locals). And what about the idiot who left his car parked right on the waterfront in Sheung Wan where waves were breaking over it?