Sunday, May 04, 2014

Conspiracy of Amateurs

Telephone conversation, November 2013:
  • Transport Secretary: It says here that the high speed rail project may be delayed by 2 years - shouldn't I inform LegCo?
  • MTR Chairman: No worries, we can catch up.
  • Transport Secretary: Oh, that's all right then.

Telephone conversation, April 2014:
  • Someone in the MTR: I'm afraid the high speed rail project will definitely be delayed by 2 years.
  • Transport Secretary: Oh my God, what a surprise!  How could this happen?  Why didn't someone tell me earlier?  I'd better inform LegCo.
Telephone conversation, April 2014:
  • Transport Secretary: Would you be willing to chair the independent inquiry into the high speed rail project delay?
  • Professor Lee: Sure, no problem.

Telephone conversation, two hours later:
  • Professor Lee: By the way, will it be any problem that I'm on the board of one of the project's main contractors?
  • Transport Secretary: [Expletive deleted]
Until we get genuine democracy, if ever, there's very little we can do about the fact that our government's principal government officials are mostly a bunch of Beijing bootlickers.  But do they also have to be a gaggle of incompetent amateurs who've apparently never heard of due diligence?

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