Friday, July 18, 2014

Wall of Shame

A government that fences itself off from the people it governs is a government that no longer feels part of, or accountable to, those people.  The irony here is that protests will still be allowed in Civic Square on Sundays and public holidays - in other words, people will be allowed to deliver their message against the government only when the government is not there to hear it.

This is yet another sign that Hong Kong is gradually being transformed from reality to fiction.  Those who have read Catch-22, one of the last century's greatest novels, will remember Major Major Major Major, who only allows people to come to his office to visit him when he's not there.  The character's resemblance to the Hong Kong government is heightened by his total ineptitude.

However, from ancient Jericho to Berlin, all walls will one day fall...


Anonymous said...

all walls will fall... hmm, hate to remind you, but what about great wall, israel-gaza wall, etc. Gotta be realistic, in the real world.

Private Beach said...

Large stretches of the Great Wall are in ruins - the most popular bits for tourists are heavily restored. Israel's wall of occupation in the West Bank is still going up, but it won't last forever either. In the long term, even the Earth will be gone one day. Realistic enough for you?