Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Sermon from the Archbishop of Hong Kong


Anonymous said...

really? money changers? tell me more... after all, this is hong kong, financial center etc.

Private Beach said...

I received a comment from nulle which didn't appear when I tried to publish it and seems to have disappeared from Blogger, so I am copying it from the email I received:

"- Like Adolf Hilter about gassing the Jews
- Like Stalin about killing the people during the Revolution
- Like Saddam Hussein and Assad when gassing their citizens who resists them

Anyone wanna cap this moron before his next sermon? Can we write to his superiors (ie Vatican City) to protest?"

However, unlike those in my list, Hitler and Stalin are not people inspired by their Christian faith to remedy the injustice in the world. And as Archbishop Kwong is of the Anglican persuasion, his superiors (?) aren't in the Vatican - he seems to believe they are in Beijing!