Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The middle is a lonely place

Poor Ronny was a lonely boy.  He searched through the whole LegCo playground for someone to play his favourite game, Consensus, with.  But he soon found that all the other children in the playground belonged to a gang.  On one side was the Pan-Dem Gang.  Ronny joined them for a while, but they only wanted to play Pure Democracy, and they could never agree on who should be leader of the gang.

Across the playground was the Beijing Gang.  They claimed to rule the playground, but were so incompetent that when they had a fight scheduled against the Pan-Dem Gang, 34 of them didn't even turn up in time to take part - and half of them didn't even like their own gang leader, Big Bad Wolf.  The Beijing Gang claimed they also wanted to play Consensus, but Ronny soon found that under their rules, you had to agree with them on everything.  That wasn't the version of the game that he enjoyed.

In the end poor little Ronny became so sad that he decided to leave the playground altogether and go away to play somewhere else by himself.

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