Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Open Letter to a Hollywood Heartthrob

"I'm not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don't think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you're not nice that the bad things happen to you?"

--Sharon Stone

Dear Ms Stone,

I am sure you mean well, and I'm not happy about China's treatment of Tibet either, but are you aware of the following facts:

  • > The mountainous western part of Sichuan, where the earthquake struck, was historically part of Tibet before China annexed it.
  • > Many, perhaps the majority, of the people in this region are ethnic Tibetans.
  • > China is not a democracy.

So are you saying that Tibetans are being karmically punished for the way a government they did not choose and have no control over treats their ountry? And is it "kind" to tell five million people who have lost their homes, their possessions, their jobs and in many cases their children that it's their own fault for having the misfortune to live in a dictatorship?

How do you apply your theory to the events in Burma? Already suffering the karmic burden of having to live in a country controlled by a corrupt clique of crooks, many of them are now suffering a double dose of bad karma from the recent destructive cyclone.

Furthermore, if people's misfortune can be seen as a karmic payback for the evil done by their government, how do you view 9/11? After all, a succesion of elected American governments has done a lot of questionable things in various countries around the world.

In fact, do you even know what you are saying? Or should you do a little more research and analysis and thinking things through before making political statements in future?

Private Beach


Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as an 'assthrob'? I was just trying to make your heading more accurate.

Poor Sharon. She's such a sweetie till she opens her mouth. I saw her on Larry King once, declaring that just about everyone she worked with was 'a genius' and 'extraordinary' and 'so gifted.' No one had the heart to ask why, in that case, half her films are crap.

Always enjoy your blog, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Nice reply, PB.

I will link and promote at both SL and NK.


Was she making this statement when Dali was on top of her, or the other way round?

Gweipo said...

that's why the americans need to keep women out of politics ...
where streep goes, clinton may follow.

Private Beach said...

I'm not sure what Meryl Streep has to do with this - so far as I'm aware, she generally has the good sense to keep her mouth shut about politics and get on with acting.

My objection to Hillary Clinton is not that she's a woman, but that she's too eager for power to be trusted with it - but then that goes for most politicians of either gender.

By the way, Sharon Stone has now apologised for her remarks.

Anonymous said...

I know Sharon Stone apologized. Doesn't make a bloody difference. The damage is done.


Anonymous said...

But why is everyone paying so much attention to Sharon Stone?

She's not important at all

Who cares what she says?

Why bother even commenting and prolonging the discussion.

Private Beach said...

Her comments may be unimportant in themselves, but the scale of the reaction to them in China makes them newsworthy. Maybe the real discussion should be about why China is so excessively sensitive to critical comments that would barely provoke a yawn if made about a European country.

Paris Whitney Hilton said...

Why is everyone getting all worked up over Sharon Stone's idiotic and insensitve comments ? who cares about what an over the hill, dumb blond, former sex symbol, who has not made a good movie in over 15 years, has to say anyway ? i think hollywood celebrities are given too much credit for knowing what they are talking about . i think we should treat Sharon Stone with a little compassion. after all she did have a brain tumor removed not so long ago . *** p.s. congrads to Sharon for making your big come back on You-Tube !

Anonymous said...

China sucks for not being a Democratic country.

Private Beach said...

Is that Democratic with a big D or a small d?

Seriously, only about half the world's countries come anywhere near being genuine democracies. There are degrees of dictatorship, and over the past two decades China has moved quite a distance from being in the same league of unpleasantness as North Korea or Burma.

Anonymous said...

i uh, can't believe so many people would disect such a small statment. i fully believe in thinking about what your saying before you say it. but us famous people, being in the spotlight continuously, we might get a few things wrong with so many people watching. cut us some slack. we are human right? and i know that means something to you.

Anonymous said...

As an American, I can ASSURE you that most Americans (88% or more) view Sharon Stone as a washed up-boozy-old dingbat who hasen't made a good movie in years! She's an idiot. Don't waste your anger on her. Peace :-)

Private Beach said...

No anger involved. At least she's trying to do some good in this world, unlike many public figures. I just think it helps to do your homework before talking.

Unknown said...

Whilst not agreeing with Ms Stone , i find it astounding that anyone even bothers to respond to peoples opinions such as this one .
For one who is so Schooled in chinese and Tibetan history allegedly i also find it amazing that Private Beach thinks China is a dictatorship , Hu Jin tao will be pleased at Being placed at the side of Kim Jong iL , Ho Chi Min and Stalinaall communists by associastion but Brutal Dictators , or how about Pol Pot , Idi Amin , Adolf Hitler Mussolini , all heads of dictatorships .
China is a communist country , not a democreacy by any means but a vast country that is developing at a phenonenal rate and that is most part down to thje leadership of the country. yes they get things wrong , yes some things have to change , but Rome wasnt built in a day my friend . The ENGLISH WE NEVER GET THINGS WRONG , NEITYHER DO THE FRENCH THE GERMANS OR ITALLIANS , AS FOR THE AMERICANS WE ALL KNOW THEY GET NOTHING WRONG , A PERFECT DEMOCRACY LAND OF THE FREE . Except Guantanamo bay but that doesnt count.

oh well rant over time 2 sleep

Private Beach said...

I find it interesting that this little piece (partly because another blog with more readers than mine made a reference to it) has attracted far more comments than anything else I've written here - particularly since half of them complain that the matter is too trivial to deserve comment at all! Now after almost a year new comments are still appearing.

Yes John, I did call China a dictatorship - as is any country where the people do not choose who rules them - but if you read what I actually wrote, far from placing Hu Jintao alongside Kim Jong Il and company, I made a point in an earlier comment of saying that China has moved on a long way from those comparisons. The Chinese Communist Party deserves enormous credit for raising more people out of poverty than any government in history, but I still criticise their mistakes, just as I do those of America and other western countries. Enjoy your sleep.

Unknown said...

comments were tounge in Cheek after a long day heheh "The Chinese Communist Party deserves enormous credit for raising more people out of poverty than any government in history"

cant disagree with that

BTW if you buy power and a seat as the leader of a great nation what does that mnake you .. you know this democracy thing is over rated all those in favour raise ,,,,,,,,,,,

Ayrdale said...

What an interesting and prolonged exchange of views. I came along because S.Stone has a certain fascination for me, and have learnt of her brain tumour and her recanted comments.

I think I may put her name as a tag to one of my blog posts and see if the stats echo yours...

Brad Fallon said...

does anyone know of a hollywood heartthrob who once played a spy and Roy Spivey is the anagram of his name?