Monday, January 23, 2012


No matter how many pictures of trees Chinachem may erect on their construction sites, the reality is they are covering another bit of Hong Kong with concrete. I know we need more housing, but let's not pretend that Hong Kong's future will be green unless we make some big changes.

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Troika said...

It amazes me that property developers aren't ridiculed more for this sort of nonsense. I saw a very similar sign to this in Causeway Bay a couple of years ago. In this case though, the sign was actually put up in front of a real tree (probably the only tree in the area) with a square hole cut in the sign to allow a branch through!

Why does everyone put up with this crap?

I'm starting to think that the problem isn't the government or the developers - is the problem that we just aren't doing enough to show our contempt for this sort of nonsense?