Monday, April 08, 2013

Stupid is as stupid does

If Hongkongers are "stupid enough" to vote for a chief executive candidate who does not meet Beijing's criteria of "loving the country and loving Hong Kong", they should not blame Beijing for the consequences ...

and blah blah blah, says the former Secretary for Justice and vice-chairwoman of the Basic Law Committee of the NPC, though she does at least go on to admit that this eventuality is unlikely - in which case, why all the insistence on screening out candidates who do not (in the eyes of Leung and her cohorts) meet these criteria? ..

I am sure I am not the only one who is getting extremely tired of old Beijing lackeys like Elsie Leung and Maria Tam insulting the people of Hong Kong by implying they're so stupid they have to be told who to vote for.  Who is being stupid here?  Hong Kongers are well aware that whoever they elect as CE will have to work in close cooperation with the central government, and will use their vote accordingly.  Can we have an end to this pathetic scare-mongering?

Perhaps, like Hemlock, I should take to wrapping up my posts with a song.


traineeinvestor said...

A pretty fair reflection of the state of HK politics.

That said, most of the rest of them aren't much better ... whatever their political stripes. I can think of more than a few in the pro-democratic camp who make me think that we need less democracy in Hong Kong (not more of it).

Private Beach said...

I agree - but I think some of the current LegCo bunch were elected more as a protest against the lack of real democracy than as a reflection of the voters' confidence in their administrative abilities. It will be different when people know that their vote will actually make a difference. The prospect of Long Hair being elected CE only exists in the paranoid minds of the pro-Beijing crowd!