Friday, December 13, 2013

Don't Bank on Timeliness

This morning I received two emails from Standard Chartered Bank informing me that two payment transactions I set up online had failed (because I accidentally set the wrong "pay from" account) - on 25 November!  Did it really take them 3 weeks to notice?  The email might have been helpful on the day, but by this stage I had long ago noticed it on my last statement and rectified the matter already.  Is this their idea of real-time banking?!

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nulle said...

PB, this is "real-time banking with Chinese characteristics"

recall HSBC now has VISA debit cards back, by charing double the fees of the UnionPay version.

what really pissed me off is taking about 90 minutes to cancel out a timed-deposit AND another 60 minutes for switch tellers (shift change.)

That's why I abstain from banking any China-owned bank.