Sunday, March 02, 2014

We know who you are

This slogan has become omnipresent since the brutal chopping attack on former Ming Pao Chief Editor Kevin Lau a few days ago.  It's interesting that everyone in Hong Kong seems to know who "They" refers to.

There were some unexpected faces on today's anti-violence protest.  Of course the usual suspects were there, but who would have expected a delegation from The Liberal Party?  And perhaps even more surprisingly, at one point I found myself standing next to CY Leung-supporter-turned-foe Lew Mong-hung.  Who would've thunk it?


nulle said...

Just a note, CCP and HK Police is known to videotape anyone protesting and setup a security file for them labeling them as terrorist or someone to watch/survey.

Also it is not unusual for CCP to break into your office if you protest more frequently...

you heard about CY Leung's daugther claiming the US backed the hacking of Mr. Lau??

Private Beach said...

The way things are going, they will soon need to keep a file on half the population. And it's somewhat ironic for a government to label those protesting peacefully against violence as terrorists - though not surprising, as: a) the word has been so overused as to become almost meaningless; and b) most of the terrorism in the world is perpetrated by governments anyway.