Sunday, April 06, 2014

Signs of Confusion

Why a Well Women Clinic?  Wouldn't it be more useful to have a clinic for sick women?  Taipo.
"Overpayments Accepted" sounds so much nicer than "We rip you off by not giving change", don't you agree?  Market Square, Helmsley, Yorkshire, UK.
Hope no one misreads this as "Letter" and tries to pop their mail in there!  It does look like a mail box.  Somewhere I can't remember in the UK.
DAB - hhmmm...  Wonder if the Hong Kong government is trying a little subliminal advertising here?
You have to admire any hotel that displays Basil Fawlty at its front door!  Damn fine beer, too.  The Buckingham Hotel in Buxton, Derbyshire Peak District, UK.


Anonymous said...

I think the "Well Women" name is based on the maxim that prevention is better than cure...

Private Beach said...

I guessed that, but I enjoy being facetious.