Thursday, June 05, 2014

Speaking Truth to Power

As usual, the police's estimate of the numbers attending last night's June 4th candlelight vigil was about half the organisers' figure - even though they couldn't pull their usual "at its peak" trick to underestimate the numbers this time, as the event is a static protest.  Now this is one case where the real figure should be fairly easy to determine, give or take a few - since one candle is given out to each arriving participant, one only needs to count how many candles were handed out.  Number of candles in box x (number of boxes purchased - number of boxes left) - simple.

I didn't personally see the Voice of Lying to Hong Kong's counter-event last night, but according to the Morning Post it attracted all of a record 20 participants.  The Post page includes a video of them, in which their leader tries to justify the massacre (let's call it what it was, not the currently politically correct euphemism "crackdown") on the grounds of foreign interference.  Another labels someone calling for the overthrow of the Chinese Communist Party a "British dog" - indicating a remarkably narrow mindset.  Hong Kong really should have better mental health care for people suffering from acute paranoia.


nulle said...

I rather shoot the numbskulls (or sent them to North Korea) who supports the T-massascre and calling someone a "Running Dog"

Only thing I am afraid of is CCP takes off its gloves and activates a plan to use PLA troops dressed as HK Police to suppress any protests under "State of Emergency"

Anonymous said...

Re: counting with candles -- yes, because nobody could possibly leave and come back in for a second candle.

Private Beach said...

I did say "give or take a few" - but I didn't see any sign of this happening. Most people arrived and were settled down by 8pm, and some started drifting away from 9pm onwards. No counting method is foolproof, but this should give an approximately correct answer.