Friday, June 19, 2015

Is you is or is you ain't my country?

The defeat of the government's ill-conceived political reform package would by itself have made yesterday a delightful day.  The cock-up which saw most of the pro-government legislators miss the vote in an apparent botched attempt to trigger a quorum count is just wonderful icing on the cake.

While speculation on how they could be so stupid will no doubt continue for weeks, one other odd thing about yesterday also calls out for an explanation.  The predictable frosty statement from Beijing, curtly stating that this outcome is not what the Central People's Government wanted, was delivered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Given that the CPG is usually so sensitive about any suggestion that Hong Kong (or any other area not totally thrilled to be part of the country, for that matter) could possibly be anything other than an integral and never-to-be-severed part of the glorious motherland, it seems strange that the statement came from the Ministry supposedly dedicated to dealing with the barbarians outside the Celestial Empire.  Any explanations?

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