Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Hong Kong Government Finds a New Enemy - on Two Wheels

In its never-ending vigilance against threats to the community, the Hong Kong government has identified a new danger to the public - an elderly bicycle repair man.  After recently taking action against another elderly man for the heinous crime of telling a fib about his age so he could continue working past retirement age, the authorities are now descending to an even lower level of petty-mindedness.

If they really want to punish people for obstructing the streets, why don't they take action against the masses of smugglers who routinely block entire thoroughfares in the northern New Territories to sort out their goods?  Or do they just like to pick on easy targets who are not doing any harm?

1 comment:

ulaca said...

He was probably reported by people who make a living from bicycle repairs. If so, one must have some sympathy with their point of view.