Wednesday, October 11, 2006

One Death at a Time

Following on from what I wrote last time, I think the reason individual cases affect us more is that we can empathise with another individual more easily than we can relate to a whole mass of people. So while I should feel shocked (though hardly surprised, given the escalating body count in Bush's war) by today's news headline that 60 more mutilated bodies have been found in Baghdad, I was actually more saddened by this story of a single cruel and unnecessary death (you don't have to agree with the article's political slant to sympathise with the victim).

In case it wasn't obvious, I was only joking when I wrote a couple of posts ago about Aussies being nuts - after all, they are officially entitled to call me a pom. But after reading this case, I have to conclude that some of them - both police and politicians - barely qualify as human beings.

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