Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Whale Forward

According to a new scientific study, whales and other large marine creatures play a vital role in bringing cold water from the ocean's depths to the surface, a movement which forms a key part of the earth's climatic patterns. "Humans might be inadvertently affecting this important ocean 'biomixing' through their decimation of whales and big fish populations, the researchers say."

If confirmed this finding will, I hope, provide additional ammunition in the continuing battle against Japan's slaughter of these beautiful and intelligent creatures for the table under the cloak of so-called "scientific research".

Not that Japan is the only offender - a recent Guardian article analyses why Iceland has shamefully decided to resume commercial whaling, even though it has large stocks of unwanted whale meat already; the third culprit is Norway. The article also shows how few whales are left even after hunting of some species has been banned for decades: the Northern Right Whale, protected since 1935, is down to about 350; the Grey Whale has less than 30,000 remaining.

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