Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lame Ducks, Orangutans and Albatrosses

America's long national nightmare will not be completely over for another two years, but much of the world will sleep more soundly now that the Democrats have captured the House of Representatives.

At the time of writing, the Senate race is still undecided, but there is a chance that the Repugnants will also lose control of the upper house, leaving Bush a lame duck for the last two years of his presidency (though no doubt still quacking loudly). I fervently hope so.

Meanwhile, there seem to be a lot of animal stories in the news today, most of them bad news. Sadly, the illegally started forest fires in Borneo appear to have claimed the lives of many orangutans. Meanwhile, illegal fishing threatens the albatross.

Even the human animal species is threatened by the greed and stupidity of the human race, with unregulated use of chemicals causing brain abnormalities. Why are we so damn foolish?

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