Thursday, November 30, 2006

What did you expect, Mr Bush?

The Washington Post reports that the Bush regime is increasingly blaming the Iraqis themselves for the violent chaos their country has descended into.

So, Mr Bush, you blunder with overwhelming force into a complex and fractious country and culture you don't understand for stated reasons that turn out to be totally phony; you bomb the hell out of its infrastructure; wipe out its functioning system of government; capture its (admittedly brutal) leader and put him through a blatantly unfair show trial; wreck the country's economy; set up a weak new government that has little public support and is riven by internal disagreements; refuse to listen to advice from either the country's neighbours or your own intelligence experts; and insist on "staying the course" when it has long been clear to everyone with any sense that you are steering straight for disaster. Then not only do you wonder why your illegal and uninvited invasion is not greeted with open arms, but up to 650,000 deaths later you blame your victims for their plight.

How much longer do we have to swallow this crap?


Pope Benny said...
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Private Beach said...

In case you're wondering, the removed post was a malicious comment by an immature troll which had nothing to do with the original post. Future comments will be moderated to avoid giving this pest a platform for his rantings.