Friday, June 20, 2008

Get out and don't come back

The abrupt closure of the Tatami Hampton Hotel this week is another blow to Hong Kong's already sagging reputation as a tourist destination. Whatever the legal wrangles over the hotel's ownership, when a private residence changes hands the residents cannot be evicted at a moment's notice. Yet apparently under Hong Kong law it is perfectly legal to toss forty hotel guests, many of whom will have paid for their accommodation in advance and may have little spare money with them, out into the street without warning or compensation. This is simply wrong, and the government and Tourism Board need to work together to ensure that it cannot happen again.


Anonymous said...

While extremely tragic, it was the funniest thing that happened in Hong Kong.

I don't see why the hotel couldn't have operated for one more day, while the Tourism Board made arrangements for guests to be transferred to another place.

Now they want to find the guests, apologize, and lavish gifts on them. Typically Hong Kong, yea!

Sorry Dorothy, but the train has left the station. Or the guests have left (were thrown out of) the hotel with a bad taste in their mouth/heart.


Anonymous said...

Damn! They got your message.

No one's coming back, even to comment!


PS: Just pulling your legs.