Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thanks from all the fish

Do my ears deceive me, or did Belinda Lloyd really say on ATV news last night that floods in southern China had made many houses inhabitable?

Does ATV employ any competent writers or editors? Do the reporters actually think about what they are saying? Does anyone care except me?


Unknown said...

I didn't see it, but I can easily believe that she said it, with or wothout her newly acquired mid-Atlantic accent.

Apart from Denise Tom and Donna Lok, they are all awful and the duty editors should all be shot.

Private Beach said...

I thought you loved them all, Fumie?

Unknown said...

Sorry, Donna Mok.

I love newsreaders very selectively.

DBCHongkong said...

Fumier quite loves Belinda Lloyd, from what I understand, so his criticism of her puzzles me.

Private Beach said...

Maybe it was the awful grandmotherly hairstyle she appeared with a couple of weeks ago. Someone must have had a word, because the next day she'd changed it again.