Thursday, September 04, 2014

Outburst of the Day

Much as I would like to come up with long analytical pieces every morning demonstrating my deep insight into Hong Kong's precarious political situation, I don't often have the time - or the deep insight, come to that.  (How does Hemlock manage it?)  And I don't want this blog to become simply a Twitter-like stream of short splutters of outrage.  However, I will say that I find watching the news these days a painful experience - the main entertainment it offers is totting up the number of lies being paraded by the government and its allies:
  • There is still time to achieve consensus on political reform - LIE!  Unless you define "consensus" Beijing-style as shutting up and doing what you're told.  The door has been firmly slammed on any other option.
  • The 2017 vote will be "real democracy" - LIE!  Does anyone believe there will be any real choice between the candidates on offer?  Or that any of them will stand up for Hong Kong's interests when they conflict with those of Beijing?
  • We must not miss this golden opportunity to progress further towards democracy - LIE!  Can anyone explain to me how being able to vote freely for a candidate you don't want is any improvement on being unable to vote for one you do want?  There is no progress when the net effect is the same - no chance of being able to choose even a half-decent leader.  Better to retain the current system, so at least the least objectionable of Beijing's preferred 2 or 3 yes-men will not have the chance to falsely claim any sort of public mandate.
OK, that's today's splutter.  Thank you for your attention to this matter, as Hong Kong people like to write.


ulaca said...

"Thank you for your attention *i advance*" - where have you been?

nulle said...

Thank you for your writing...I enjoyed it and catch it whenever possible.

Hemlock managed to write with thought probably because of his profession (something political?) to HK Secretary.

My question is what does you and your wife think about it? what is your gameplan if HK went down the tubes?

Private Beach said...

Still working now, but let's just say that we are considering our retirement options carefully.